Romantic Destinations in Africa

By | February 28, 2017

Africa is filled with an assortment of both hidden as well as, renowned romantic and adventurous getaways. Whether you are looking for the mystery of a desert location surrounded by an oasis of sandy dunes. Or if your soul is longing for a tropical island paradise, walking along a sunset beach lined with palm trees. The sound of the ocean rolling in your ear drums as you sleep. Africa has it all. Even a city filled with Arabian beauty and charm. The destinations below is guaranteed to bring out the romantic in you.

Pemba, Zanzibar

The island of Zanzibar is surrounded by the Indian Ocean where natives still use an age-old sailing vessel called a dhow. Discover Zanzibar is an agency that focuses solely on sourcing holiday packages and the cheapest Zanzibar accommodation. This little island is rich in tradition and radiates a romantic aura. The spice route is an activity which shouldn’t be missed. It’s a chance to get to know the people of Zanzibar as well as their customs and traditions. This is the perfect romantic beach island getaway. The turquoise sea and white washed sands goes hand in hand with magnificent sunset and marine life this mystic palm island has to offer. Guaranteed to win your heart. Head over to the Discover Zanzibar website to see the great offers they have on Zanzibar hotels.

Vamizi Island Mozambique, Quirimbas Archipelago

This romantic tropical island destination was voted the top 100 in the world. Surrounded by the magnificent Indian Ocean. This location is the perfect romantic getaway. Enjoy the stunning marine life this secluded island has to offer by partaking in various water activities. Spoilt with beauty, this extravagant beach setting will no doubt steal your heart.

The Namib Desert in Namibia

If isolation and serenity is what you seek. This dream-like desert location situated along the coast of Southern Africa is perfect for that much needed rejuvenation. This mysterious oasis full of beauty and intrigue makes it the perfect romantic destination. The rustic setting with its’ maroon coloured dunes will capture your inner soul.

Marrakech in Morocco

This Arabian gem oozes covert and cryptic adventure. Medina is a medieval walled city which goes as far back as the Berber Empire. The alleys are like thousands of mysterious mazes covered with people selling home-made items. This Arabian beauty of rose pink dawns makes for the perfect romantic rendezvous.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is famous and world renowned for their spectacular waterfalls of 1708 metres wide. The sound of the water is that of thunder when it comes crashing down to the gorge below. It is a magnificent site to behold. Certain to capture the heart of a true romantic.

Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania

Lake Tanganyika is a lake filled with freshwater. This stunning blue lake is surrounded by lush greenery and sand which is pearl white. A romantic stroll along the lake is all that is needed to enjoy this romantic setting.



Mauritius is an Island along the Indian Ocean in East Africa. This exotic little island is renowned for its’ spectacular beaches, and water features such as lagoons, and even their mystic reefs down below. You are guaranteed to be blown away by this radiant island.

Masai Mara in Kenya

Masai Mara is a National Reserve in Kenya. A Safari in this Reserve is sure to give you spectacular view of the Big 5 including the renowned migration of the wildebeest. Viewing this amazing occurrence out of a hot air balloon is a romantic experience on its own. This outdoor adventure is sure to grab at your heart strings.

Lake Malawi

This mystic location situated in Malawi, the heart of Africa, is perfect for those wanting a more rustic experience. Perfect for nature lovers. There are various water activities on offer which include scuba diving and snorkelling. A lovely romantic beach holiday.

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