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By | September 15, 2016

Dryanovo is situated 24 km away from the Medieval Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo, 22 km away from the town of Gabrovo and its ethnographic complexes, 17 km away from Tryavna with its renaissance architectural ensembles and 34 km away from Sevlievo – the old Hotalich.
In Dryanovo region, and more specifically in the unique “Bacho Kiro” cave, were discovered one of the oldest traces of life on the Balkan Peninsula. The artifacts date back to the second part of the Old Stone Age (100 000 – 10 000 years B.C).Numerous remains of ancient villages, fortresses, pillars with inscriptions and ornaments from the time of the Thracians and the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (“The Town”,”Boruna”) were also discovered there.

Not far away, only 5 km westwards from the town of Dryanovo, is located The Dryanovo Monastery “St.Archangel Michael”. It was founded in the Middle Ages during the reign of king Kaloyan, after the relics of St.Michael Voin were carried from Potuka to Tarnovo (1197 – 1207).The procession stayed for one night near the river Dryanovska and according to the Christian canon a monastery had to be built on the holy place. Through the centuries Dryanovo Monastery turned into a center of Bulgarian culture and education.It played an important role in the preparation of the April Uprising.
The first evidence of a settlement place, called Dryanovo, is in a historical register from 1460.However,Byzantine chronicles mention the settlement first in 1186, at the end of the Byzantium rule, as a castle on the Strazhata plateau.

For the longest period the people from the town have been guardians of the Balkan Mountains passages and have supported the communications. As a gratitude, according to the tax registers of the Ottoman Empire from the second half of XV century, Dryanovo was defined as a “vakaf” (free of taxes hereditary land).Later on, in XVIII – XIX century, the town belongs ?o the provinces where the modern, European, political and cultural ide?s make their way the earliest.
Dryanovo became famous for its builders and wood-carvers. The author of the classical Bulgarian Renaissance architecture – the self-educated architect and master-builder Nikola Ivanov Fichev (Master Kolyu Ficheto,1800-1880) was born here.

Dryanovo… a town tucked away among the beautiful slopes of the Central Balkan Mountains, combines the romance of the past and the present. The town keeps its centuries-long traditions and cultural values, and is still developing as an administrative, economic, educational and cultural center.
In the very heart of the beautiful mountain town Dryanovo, the Park Hotel Dryanovo has opened doors to welcome its first guests. The hotel offers several different convivial settings for meeting, conferences and private functions, combined with excellent accommodations.

Each of 55 double rooms and 9 king-size bedrooms has air condition, cable TV, telephone, internet and mini bar in 8 suites.

Dryanovo is located approximately 25 km away from the old Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanassi, as well as from Gabrovo with its eco-friendly center Etara, Bojentsi and Tryavna. The Dryanovo monastery offers the casual visitors an insight into Bulgarian magnificent, sometimes tragic past.
But what really makes a visit to Park Hotel Dryanovo so special is the unique warmth and friendly attention.
When it comes to business, the Park Hotel Dryanovo offers a complete range of services, including audio visual equipment, as well as competitive delegate packages.
We offer 2 conference rooms. Varying in size to accommodate from 10 to 140 delegates, in the set – up of your choosing.
The sunny, 120 seat restaurant with a terrace, offers oven made specialties, Bulgarian national cuisine, pizza, a lot of culinary delights and perfect selection of unique Bulgarian wines.

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